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Taal & Tekst is a Dutch writing and editing services bureau. The playful design includes a moleskin notebook with flipping pages (screenshot 1). This was achieved using the awesome jQuery JavaScript library. In the old days this effect could only be done by using flash, but that’s bad for search engine optimization. We always advice against using flash on websites.

To achieve maximum conversion rates, every page has a ‘Contact’ tab on the top, which when clicked shows a short contact form in a lightbox. When hovering over the menu on the left the rounded buttons show a ‘fly-out’ menu. See screenshot 2.

The extended contact form (a briefing form) has three stages. At every stage the script checks whether required fields are properly filled. When not, the visitor gets a message to fill these out, when the fields are correct it ‘flips’ to the next stage. See screenshot 3.

The design for desktops is not suitable for mobile phones, so CamboDesign developed a separate mobile template (screenshot 4). When someone visits the website, a script checks whether the visitor is on a mobile phone or not and then serves the appropriate design automatically.

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