Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find some questions many clients ask about websites and site design.
If your question is not listed here, please contact us.

Before the Web Design

All prices are given upon request and are depending on several parameters. If concept, logo, text, pictures, etc. are supplied, this can lower the cost drastically.

See an extended explanation of the cost of a website or check our basic rates.

If you fill in our form for a free quote, we will be pleased to assess your website design requirements and give you a fixed quotation.

This depends on the volume of your website, how many different languages you want to use, is database programming required or not, etc.

Most importantly: can you supply us with all the images, logos, other graphics and content? If we have all we need, the design and development of a website in general shall not take longer than 4 weeks.

See also: Questions We Might Have For You.

CamboDesign has an image library containing over 250.000 digital images of any business, occasion, country and subject. We will supply a hand-picked selection of images, custom-tailored to your requirements for a reasonable price.

No. Well, at least not with us. We discuss your website requirements and then price accordingly.

Once you have placed an order for your website design with us, that price is strictly adhered to.

See for more information: the cost of a website, our basic rates or ask for a free quotation.

No. Nobody knows your business, your products and your clients the way you do, so preparing the body text is something that you will need to do yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

We are web designers, not content writers, but we do help with advice on writing web and Google-friendly copy (Search Engine Optimization).

No, we don’t provide registering domain names or hosting. This can easily be done by yourself, and we can advise you to select the best package of a hosting provider.

Read more on hosting and registration.

Further Questions

As some businesses are only present as websites and have no store front or big office, you may come to realize that the worldwide web is the strongest sales media in history.

Expect to boost up sales within a range of 25% up to 300% or more! It also depends on your own ability to marketing your website to the fullest.

Our aim is to have satisfied and recurring clients who recommend us to others.

Every client will sooner or later realize that we have supplied a perfect product, custom-designed and shaped to his business concept and requirement, we are only selling products in a volume necessary to guarantee success.

Every company should be on the web. You should not forget about the additional amount of potential clients that you may find online.

Our design concepts will make every business and product appear interesting – don’t worry!

We successfully have designed websites for several companies. You simply send us all information and material via e-mail or a service like WeTransfer (pictures, etc.) and you will have online access to the developing website through a secret URL (web address) which is only known to you and us.

Thus, you can request adjustments and send comments at any time of the designing process. Communication is done via e-mail, telephone and/or WhatsApp.

Payments will be performed via money transfer to our bank accounts in Cambodia or The Netherlands, or via PayPal (incl. credit card payments).

If you do not like the design which we have suggested, we will discuss further with a view to ascertaining what type of design you would like to see and then place another “suggested design” in your web area for you to view.

We would not like to think that you are not happy with the final website design. Our aim is to design for you a website specific to your requirements which you are completely happy with.

See our Portfolio to get an idea of our skills. You’ll see that we always make websites capturing the style, identity and branding of our clients.

Yes, we assure that pages of your website display properly in current versions of browser software at the time that the site becomes accessible by the public. We also assure that the website programming will work as requested and specified in the contract.

Issues not covered by our warranty include problems that occur due to use of the website in unintended ways, or are the result of customer action or inaction, lack of functionality not clearly communicated to us before the site became publicly accessible, and work that results from issues not within our direct control, such as errors in or updates to third-party software or website hosting, changes in third-party services or changes to links that have moved.

See our Warranty page.

Some more Questions

We will try very hard but cannot guarantee a top position. All search engines work in different ways and there is absolutely no guarantee to put you in top positions, as hundreds or thousands of other websites may use the same keywords.

But, as said above, we will try our very best and use a couple of tricks to position you well in the major international search engines. Most importantly: be patient. Top rankings don’t happen overnight, it might take months to get the desired result.

That said, we have been very successful in the top ranking of websites in search results. See Search Engine Optimization and our Portfolio.

You are right – saving money is a wise decision while shopping for a new jeans, but not in web design.

You should assign professionals to do a job that requires experience and knowledge far beyond those of a “hobby computer guy.”

Of course we are pleased to revamp or even completely redesign your website to make it a winner!

For starters, have a look at our Portfolio.

To be honest – only the ones that you, or very reliable long-term employees, are able to handle.

E.g.: if you don’t speak Italian – how can you answer an inquiry or order written in Italian language?

Yes we can provide web tracking software which records where you visitors are coming from and which pages they looked at.

It also informs you of which search engines are being used, which phrases are being typed into which search engines and many more interesting web tracking facts which you should find useful for future marketing campaigns.

That’s not depending on our website design and development, because we will provide you with ‘clean’ (read: fast) code. The server setup is much more important in this regard. A ‘simple’ website can do with so-called ‘shared hosting’, a website that attracts a lot of visitors (i.e. ‘server hits’) needs better hosting, e.g. a dedicated server.

You can expand your hosting as your website grows and we can advise you on this, but it is your responsibility, not ours.

Yes, we will install all kinds of security measures and plugins to safeguard the site. However, although we will implement all known security measures, we cannot give you a 100% safety guarantee. No one can. When even US defense websites get hacked… Well, we hope you understand this.

Websites handling sensitive consumer data (e.g. online shops), need a so-called ‘SSL-certificate’, which means the communication between your visitors (when they put in their personal details) and the website server is encrypted. It can be obtained via your hosting provider.