Booking Systems

Suppose you are the owner of a hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, travel agency or tour operator. Or that you are active in the tourism industry offering classes, activities, tours, travel packages or similar. Or that you offer services on a time based schedule, like hourly or half hourly.

Are you still relying on old-style bookings and reservations? Staff members writing down the details in an agenda? There are many disadvantages to that.

Use the power of the internet and capture potential clients. With an online booking system, you not only increase your sales, you will also boost your efficiency.

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Mobile Designs

Sophisticated websites are often designed and built for modern broadband. Most sites are just not developed to fit in a small screen.

This is a real bummer not just for mobile users but also to the websites.

With the climbing number of mobile users, you would not want to miss out on the opportunity of reaching them.

CamboDesign can make your website mobile friendly. We can help your website excel not just on a big screen but also on small screens. We focus on optimizing your site to mobile compatibility.

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eCommerce Sites

Expanding your eCommerce business means getting more people to visit your site, look through your tempting product and services, and before they know it, their cart is full and they are buying from you!

Well, it does not always work that way but with the upsurge of online shoppers – yes, in Cambodia too, but with an eCommerce website you of course can sell worlwide – you are bound to get a purchase or two from them.

The secret?
Get a world class web designer who can cater and customize your site to the unique nature of your business.

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Search Engines

Being on the first page of major search engines for targeted per business keywords can increase the traffic of any website significantly. With this surge in new targeted traffic small and medium businesses can increase their profits.

Cambodesign provides businesses with top notch Search Engine Optimized business websites.

Our main goal is to get your business to page one of major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, through targeted Search Engine Optimization techniques. With our approaches your business will get more targeted buyer prospects.

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