How We Start

Before we can build you a great website, we must understand your needs and those of your users.

We want to listen to you talk about your business, your goals, your vision and your customers. Then we ask you lots and lots of questions and, hopefully, get to answer some as well.

We seek to gain as much insight as we can into the real objectives an organisation has for its site and understand what different target audiences will want. This way, we identify what your site needs to do and how we can make that happen.

Only when we’re all happy that what you really want is what you really need do we start putting pen to paper. Or pointer to pixel.

Questions for you

How We Proceed

This involves assessing the time-frames involved, the needs of the target audience and who currently satisfies that audience and how.

Once we start to develop our plan we begin to consider the look and feel of the site and what is appropriate to the end-users and any corporate branding that exists. We often snap-shot other sites as we go along to inform our ideas.

At this point we normally generate a basic framework for how the website will be structured with the main functional areas and navigation being slotted into place and we also consider what tools we will need to use.

We would agree the basic framework with the client before proceeding with any of the website’s graphic design elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working Together

Whilst you might think designing is just about being creative this is not the case.

But if you’ve already done the legwork of learning and planning, it makes the actual designing much easier and it opens up a whole new level of effectiveness and productivity because you can focus on clear objectives.

During the design phase, it is very important to get feedback often to make sure all specified requirements have been met.

Website Design Time frame

We make things work… don’t you worry about the mechanics,

concentrate on your idea.

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