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PiP stands for “Progressie in Professie” (Progression in Profession”. It’s the business of Dutch trainer/coach Mayke Heitling, who primarily focuses on training professionals working in financial services.

Just like the website Miep4Capacity Mayke’s site consists of sliding panels, yet it’s totally different. When landing on the home page of PiP training, there’s just one panel with a blue background of bulbs (indicating that her training will give you new insights). See screenshot 1. Clicking on one of the links will smoothly slide open a panel, alternately to the left and right of the main panel.

Her “Over Mij” (About Me) page is in the form of questions and answers. This is a so-called accordion: when clicking on a question the answer panel below slides open. You don’t have to click on every single question, at the bottom of the answers is a link called “Verder” (Next) which closes the current answer and shows the next (screenshot 2).

A grid of business logos on the References page tells people that Mayke has a lot of experience in training and worked with reputable companies. Underneath is a slider with testimonials. These smoothly fade in and out (screenshot 3).

On the Training Programs page, there are only introductions to the different training subjects. Clicking on them brings up a window with more information and the results this specific training will bring to participants (screenshot 4).

And then there is a simple but stylish contact page with (on mobiles) a clickable telephone number and of course a contact form (screenshot 5). All calls on this website are made via so-called AJAX, meaning you never leave the page, the website contents are revealed in a smooth and unobstructed way.

As with all our current designs, the PiP Training website automatically adjusts to screen sizes and is optimized for mobiles (screenshot 6).


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