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Santuk Silks is a social enterprise silk farm, located in Kampong Thom province, about 11km southeast of the provincial capital. Since 2005 it employs some 15 local women to produce beautiful silk scarves and offer tourists a fascinating look into the production of silk and the weaving process. As it is halfway between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, it is a popular lunch stop for tourist buses traveling between the two cities.

The website of Santuk Silks has a metro style homepage (screenshot 1) with so-called tiles, some of them animated (flipping over) when hovering the mouse over it. The menu buttons on the top right are also animated. Furthermore the homepage features a small slider and links to gallery pages.

For a tourist attraction it is of course vital to have a reviews page. On the Santuk Silks website this is done by maintaining the metro theme style, with reviews in different coloured blocks (screenshot 2).

To emphasize there’s more to see and do in Kampong Thom province, the website features a page with video’s on the different attractions. These video’s (from YouTube) do not send visitors away, instead the video’s open in a lightbox popup (screenshot 3).

Unfortunately, Santuk Silks have ‘forgotten’ to renew their domain registration and website hosting account. As a result, the website at doesn’t exist anymore. We always stress how important it is to keep your website accounts up-to-date, but if you don’t, there’s not much we can do about it. Unless you have a Maintenance Contract with us.

Techniques & Functionalities

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Location Map
  • Metro style
  • Slider
  • TripAdvisor