Website Wedding

Website Wedding: only $299

The Modern Way: a website for your Marriage

Wedding is a website for the most important day in your life: your marriage! This is a so-called One Page Design, meaning all content is on the Home Page. Clicking on one of the menu links triggers a smooth scroll-down to the linked section.

The top of the website is a full-screen picture with directly underneath that a section with some more info on the groom and bride: their life story, their interests, how they met each other, etc. It can also include links to their Facebook pages and other social media channels.

Furthermore, the website includes information on the wedding venue including a map, available accommodation, parking facilities and whatever else you want to inform your guests about. It can also include a RSVP form (or just a contact form).

And the most important part of course: the pictures!
Before the wedding it can include pictures of the groom and bride in e.g. their work environment or in preparation for the big day.
After the wedding we will remove all the wedding venue information and include pictures (and videos, if available) of the ceremony, the party, the quests, the highlights, etc.

This website can be bi-lingual: Khmer (of course) and English (or another language). It’s also worth noting that search engines will not index this website, so only people (family, friends, colleagues) you supply the website address will be able to see it.

Because we do this website in 2 stages and make it bi-lingual, it costs a bit more than our other templates: $299. But you’ll have a lasting memory to the day you officially said “Yes” to each other!

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Techniques & Functionalities

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Location Map
  • One Page
  • Responsive
  • Slider
The example here is a carefully crafted website, but with limited functions. Basically, it's a 'starter' website design.
If you need more advanced functionalities, please fill in our Quotation Form for customized designs.