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Website Design Coffee Shop: only $199

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You don’t have to convince regular customers of your coffeeshop, lunchroom or pastry shop that you have the best coffee and pastries. But what about visitors to your city or town? They will search online for a place to get their coffee and it’s highly likely the most appealing website will get their attention, and thus new customers for you. The website should ‘smell’ coffee, good coffee, delicious coffee… let’s go there!

So, the most important part of such a website: pictures! In this example we have used stock photography, but please don’t apply such images on your live website. Hire a professional photographer to make mouthwatering pictures and use them on your website (and in other company material).

Besides the delicious looking coffee and pastries, what else do potential customers want to know? You guessed it: how much does it cost? So, this template Coffee Shop of course includes a stylish menu.

Do we have to say that we will adjust this basic template to perfectly match your business and brand? If you’re in doubt: trust us, we will.

All our website designs are responsive (see how this website displays on mobile phones in the last screenshot).


  • 5 Main Pages
  • Pop-ups (larger pictures) for images
  • Max. 20 product images
  • Contact Form linked to your email address
  • Location Map for 1 location
  • Buttons to a pop-up Contact Form
  • Responsive: adapting to any screen size

The above indicates what we do when designing your website. You can easily add more pages, posts, images and other content yourself later.

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Techniques & Functionalities

  • AJAX
  • CSS3
  • Gallery
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Lightbox
  • Location Map
  • Responsive
  • Slider
  • Sticky Header
The example here is a carefully crafted website, but with limited functions. Basically, it's a 'starter' website design.
If you need more advanced functionalities, please fill in our Quotation Form for customized designs.