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Website Architecture : only $199

Architecture | Interior/Exterior Design | Construction

Architect is a simple modern looking website template to showcase your projects, whether you are an independent architect or a large architectural office, an interior/exterior design studio or Construction Business.

Or for any other business or individual looking for an attractive and effective way to share their work with (potential) customers.

Not only the design layout is creative, the visual effects on this template are also done to meet the modern day website needs. However we cannot show you these effects on the screenshots here.

This template has a so-called sticky navigation bar, which means it always stays at the top of the page, giving users quick access to the rest of the pages on your site.

As with all our designs, of course it is mobile optimized to help you deliver website content elegantly on all devices: from big wide screen desktops to small screen mobile phones. See the last screenshot how this website displays on smartphones.

The cost for this website is only $199. Of course we will change this example to make it look exactly the way you want to match your brand and your desired look and feel.


  • Five Pages
  • Pop-ups (larger pictures) for images
  • Max. 20 portfolio images
  • Contact Form linked to your email address
  • Location Map for 1 location
  • Buttons to a pop-up Contact Form
  • Responsive: adapting to any screen size

The above indicates what we do when designing your website. You can easily add more pages, posts, images and other content yourself later.

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Website for Architecture Cambodia

Techniques & Functionalities

  • AJAX
  • CSS3
  • Gallery
  • HTML5
  • Lightbox
  • Location Map
  • Responsive
  • Slider
The example here is a carefully crafted website, but with limited functions. Basically, it's a 'starter' website design.
If you need more advanced functionalities, please fill in our Quotation Form for customized designs.