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First-Class Solutions is a translation and interpretation service in Phnom Penh. Besides that, they offer visa and business consultation, along with other services like typesetting, copy-writing, proofreading, and editing.

Their previous website was outdated (not once updated since launch!), not mobile friendly and the look of it was just – well – old-fashioned. We see that many times: a business has a website developed which – at the time – looks very ‘modern’, but website developments go fast: a website that is ‘modern’ today is ‘old-fashioned’ in 5 years time, which will put off your potential customers. And of course, any website today needs to be mobile friendly.

The website for First-Class Solutions is a combination of a so-called ‘One Page Design‘ with separate pages. Basically, the Home Page is a ‘one page’ where the menu buttons scroll to different sections of that page (in this case: services, company, promises, clients, and contact).

The trouble with ‘one page designs’ is that Google only has 1 page to index. Not good for your presence in search results. We are aware of ways around that for ‘One Page Designs’, but it remains far easier for Google to index separate pages. Therefor, links in the content – like translation, interpretation, visa consultation, business consultation, and other services – take a visitor to a separate pages with more information on the subject.

Where on the Home Page there are no sub-menus, the individual service pages have, so a visitor doesn’t have to go back to the Home Page, but can just click on another service in the drop-down menu. To improve so-called ‘conversions’ (potential clients actually contacting the business), the contact button doesn’t go to a separate page, but results in a pop-up form.

A translation and interpretation service of course needs a multi-lingual website. As of this writing, the translations were not ready, yet, but we have prepared the website to have 5 languages: besides English, the website will be available in Khmer, French, German, and Chinese. We also provided instructions on how to add translations (and that’s very easy).

Of course the website is ‘responsive‘, which means it automatically adjusts to screen sizes and is easily viewable on mobile devices, with a clean, uncluttered menu.

Oh, you want to know what the old website was like? Have a look at the last screenshot.

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