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Rindra Properties has a homepage with a sleek search form (screenshot 1). Chosing ‘Rent’ or ‘Sale’ is done by a button that resembles a light switch and setting the target price is done by sliding from left (minimum price) or right (maximum price). The prices are automatically adjusted for the rent or sale category.

The image slider to the left is not set automatically; instead the website administrator sets it to properties he wants to be in the spotlight.

The overview page of available properties is shown in screenshot 2. To the right is a form where visitors can easily refine their search by category, price, number of bed- or bathrooms, or the property’s size.

On the listings detail page (screenshot 3) there’s a clear overview of the property’s details and an image gallery. To the right is a contact form that automatically includes the listings title, so the email recipient knows what property a visitor is interested in.

Also, at the bottom is a so-called carrousel of related properties and the search form is back at the top to make it easy for website visitors to conduct a new search.

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Website Development Real Estate Agent Phnom Penh

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