Get Your Message Across

Getting Your Message Across

Write clearly, rewrite, edit, and most importantly…

…apply the KISS principle

Search & Visitors

When your site is listed – the copy determines whether the searcher clicks your listing and what he or she does once there.

Therefore, your website’s message should be geared towards the visitors as well as the search engine spiders.

Website visitors conversion

Your writing style should be personal and benefits-driven. Focus your copy on your target audience.

Profile a typical reader.
Write each page for that reader, personally.
Write the benefits not the features.

Your message should inform the reader what you do, exactly, and compel them to take action such as call, e-mail, or buy a product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Content vs. Design

The message of your website is a balance between the pictures, the design, and the content, all of which will determine its success.

Almost everyone agrees that the design of a website is important. We see this in the effort our clients put into determining a website’s design. However, all-too-often the content of the site is given little or no consideration.

Irrelevant design

Ultimately, it is the textual content that is the greatest determinant of success. No matter how impressive the design of your site is, or how innovative the functionality is, it is irrelevant if the copy falls short. If you are ignoring the impact of your web copy – you are doing your business a major disservice.


Usability is really what pulls it all together.

You’ve probably visited them: websites with a ‘cool’ design, but you were unable to find the information you were looking for. Visitors want to intuitively navigate a website without thinking. If they have to think, then they’re going to bounce. If they bounce, then your site has essentially failed.

Another way of putting it is to refer to the the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

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Edit & Rewrite

All the planning in the world will get you nowhere if your text has errors. You should always edit and refine it.

Website Content is the key

We would like to give you some advice on how to write for the web. So that your efforts will return maximum visitor numbers.

By sharpening your message for both the search engines and the visitor, you will increase the results of your website.
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If your text doesn’t live up to the visitor’s expectations, you will not get results.
Further, if your text is not attracting the search engines, you will not get results.
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