Sharpen Your Message

Sharpen your message

We are not content writers…

… but give you some advice on how to write for the web.

Key Targets

Write to the right audience – your visitor, not yourself. Your copy should be customer-centric, personal, sincere and focused on your visitors’ needs. Be specific and give them the information they are looking for immediately.

Above all, respect your readers’ time, needs, and goals.

Keywords, keywords

The key to good placement on the search engines is writing keyword-rich copy. Writing with specific keywords isn’t different than ordinary copy writing – it’s all about the words you use.

Choose up to 4 keywords people actually use, and repeat them throughout your copy.

Write great page titles

Don’t obsess over so-called meta tags. The title tag, however, is important in your site’s positioning on the search engines. It is the first thing the search engines look for, and the title is displayed in the results. The title tag should be keyword-rich and contain information compelling to the searcher.

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Top to Down

Put the most important, specific, information first. If the visitor doesn’t see what he wants right away, you’ll lose him.

Additionally, the search engines view text at the top of the page to be most important – make sure your keywords are there.

Write more copy

The search engines like to see about 250 words of keyword-rich copy. Cringe. How can you possibly sharpen your message with that many words?

Keep the copy from looking like an endless scrolling text block by breaking the text up and making it readable.

Make it readable

Remember people won’t read every word of your website, especially if you write long, flowery paragraphs or lots of marketing hype. Cut the fluff. Be concise.

Write short sentences and paragraphs. Use headings and subheadings. Bold and bullet important statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Next Step

Your website should be your best salesperson. Sitting there 24/7, just waiting to tell visitors every wonderful thing about your company without any pressure.

The better your copy, the more likely visitors are to take the next step. Be sure to tell them how. If you do it right, you will get results.

Keep it fresh

The best thing about the web is it can and should change frequently. Once you write your copy, don’t forget it. Review it and rewrite often.

Finally, your website copy should be written skillfully and be unobtrusive.

Read it out loud

Does it still have a persuasive marketing flow? Are you telling the customers what they want to hear?

Every aspect of your website’s message, including the copy, should flow so smoothly that the customer doesn’t even notice.

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